Age no bar for Yohan

January 22, 2019

Age is never an issue when talent is there in abundance and 10-year old Yohan Dotiwala's example is what adds weight to the statement. Yohan, a student of the fifth grade at the Ascend International School, BKC has clinched five points out of a total of 10 rounds at the recently concluded Grandmasters Open FIDE rating Chess Tournament in New Delhi at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium.


Yohan playing chess with Grand master Vishwanathan Anand


Yohan already has shown a lot of promise and glimpses of his abilities in the sport in various local tournaments. Chess is a sport which requires a high usage of the intellect and to master it in a period as short as three months is something which is indeed applause worthy. The youngster has been exhibiting a lot of superiority in skills like calculating the complex variations at a rapid speed, strong memory and an affinity towards making more creative moves. His zeal for the game adds to the list.


It was in his very childhood that Yohan started playing chess and the regularity of him playing the sport with his father, Faridun helped increase his interest for the game. It was initially curiosity which then took the shape of him finding out more about the sport on the internet. It is then that his parents took a positive step in that direction--getting a young Yohan registered as a student of the renowned South Mumbai Chess Academy.



At just age 10, the kid he is exhibiting the traits to become the next young talent from India after Praggananandhaa and Gukesh (one of the youngest Grandmasters from India). With legends like Vishwanathan Anand and Magnus Carlsen as his inspiration, Yohan's career is headed in the right direction. When asked about her thoughts of the kid's progress, Yohan's mother Natasha Dotiwala said, "Yohan's dad and I are proud of him for his progress and we hope that one day his hard work leads him to the international tournaments, representing India.


Yohan also has the exceptional ability to calculate future dates based on current ones, she revealed adding that her son was able to do this since he was five."If Yohan is told somebody’s birthdate, he has an ability to calculate the exact day that it would arrive on, and not only the present year, but he can also calculate the past and the future day that it would arrive on," she added. Nagesh Guttula, Yohan's coach at the SMCA who a popular guide in the sport has predicted a bright future for the kid.

"Yohan is an exceptionally talented child and would go on to make new records in the future," he opined.

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