When Dream meets Reality

January 10, 2019

Anand Vishwanathan with our Directors Mr. Durga Nagesh Guttula and Mr. Balaji Guttula 


A magnificent day in the history of the chess world, the monarch of Chess Empire, Anand Vishwanathan, interacted with young chess players of SMCA. He is the centre of the Chess universe and the chess world spins around him. He has motivated the younger generations to believe that if you try hard, you can achieve anything no matter the hurdles, keep going until you hunt success. Anand Viswanathan is the role model of every Indian chess prodigy. One gets goose bumps when their dream meets reality, all the students were happy to seek guidance from the Grandmaster. The chess polymath mentioned that we have plethora of talent which needs to be encouraged to play. The students were flabbergasted by playing with the Grandmaster who gave them insights. No one will ever regret the time spent playing chess, because it provides all-round development.


Anand Vishwanathan playing a round of simultaneous chess with our students.


SMCA aims to inspire the younger generation to critically think and achieve their goals. India has talent and manpower to challenge the world and win future international championships and SMCA is helping many aspirants to shape their life. Winning world championship is far easier than competing at national levels. Chess plays a pivotal role in moulding career of the citizens and the nation. Inclusion of chess in the school curriculum will open the door of an intellectual world with limitless opportunities. Chess inspires one to prove their mettle in life. Penetrating the art of playing chess in the school curriculum might turn wonderful as it will revolutionize the longevity of chess in our country; it will not just help individuals but help the country to become a superpower with intellectual citizens.


Our aim is not to prepare students for competitive exam, but we are strengthening them to prepare for the examination which has no rules, no regulations, no syllabus and no paper pattern. We are building their strong foundation for the exam conducted by life. Life bombards brutal questions unexpectedly. Problems are the part and parcel of life, one need to contrive a strategy to tackle the trickiest questions diligently and meticulously. We take pride in offering you the highest standards to solve the puzzle called LIFE. 

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