Nivaan, Grandmaster in making!

April 2, 2018



Wake up. School. Play. Sleep. Repeat. This is what one day in a child’s life looks like. And Nivaan's day isn’t much different from this except For, Nivaan is a six  year old boy, studying in Senior Kg at Vibgyor high school  Magarpatta , Pune, is a wonder child and is emerging as one of the youngest chess champions in the country. And hence Nivaan's daily schedule is a tad bit different from other kids.


Wake up. School. CHESS. Sleep. Repeat. This is what a day in Nivaan's life actually looks like. His parents and coach have big dreams for him and consider him to be gifted with chess. He started playing chess at the age of four and a half and has improved each and every day since. His father rathin recalls being left astonished when a young Nivaan had learnt chess in just two days and then beat him on the third day. It is Nivaan’s father who was the reason behind his introduction to the game.


This little boy spends about 4-5 hours everyday on chess in addition to routine time. He is now training at South Mumbai chess academy , Koregaon Park Annex branch under the elite coach Vishwanath Sandilya. The boy who doesn’t even understands the meaning of passion has one which is giving him inspiration to achieve greater things one after the other.


Describing his innocence, his mother Priti laughs about the fact that her son teaches other residents of their building how to play chess. And often beats adults in the game when he is playing with them. Like every normal child he also plays other sports like running. In fact when he is not playing chess he loves to swim. He has won gold medal in running and 1st prize in story telling. Nivaan is a very hard working child and aspires to become a grandmaster one day.


His coach, Sandilya is a very proud coach and has been with him in all his successes. He often says that Nivaan would rewrite all the chess records going by his potential and passion. Sandilya truly believes that Nivaan has the mind set and game which is needed to make it big in this sport.

Apart from being so good at chess, Nivaan is also good at remembering the names of all the chess world champions and name them in sequence in one breath. His inspiration in the game is Magnus Carlsen and he looks up to a lot of other grand masters for him to grow and become a grand master someday.


Nivaan recently finished all his rating norms in the recent Udaipur international Open rating chess tournament. And his rating will be released world wide next month which will make him enter the elite pool of youngest rated chess players in the world.


Nivaan has won a total of 17 trophies and 9 medals at district and state level while he is not even seven. He has bagged 3rd position at district level, 7th position at state school level and 13th position at national school level in the Under-7 year age category tournaments. His achievements seem inspirational for many and quite big for his age but he has the potential to become big at a very small age.


Nivaan has the potential to break all records and maybe become Indian’s youngest grandmaster even breaking the record of Parimarjan Negi. He is surely a grandmaster in the making but if he is able to break all records and become world's youngest grandmaster, only time and his hard work will tell.


Some of Nivaans best performances so far 


# U-7 National schools chess championships 2018 

Bhubaneshwar, 13th position 


 # U-7 State schools chess championships 2017 
7th position 


# U-7 Pune District chess selections 2018 
Bronze medal 


Nivaans illustrious victims -


# Ranjan Kotia Elo  points - 1124 from Karnataka 


# Dwaiyapayan Basu  Elo points 1120  from Maharashtra


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