SMCAites continue to roar

December 20, 2016

Trisha Jagtap claims Maharashtra State School's chess title, while Aditya and Ahana clinch silver!

Talent is simply the presence of an ability, however to turn that potential into success, one needs to work hard with determination and self conviction, for the journey to achievements can often be tiresome and thus requires an iron will and unflinching perseverance.

And that is the secret of Trisha's stepping stone, her absolute dedication to the game and the unwavering goal of winning this tournament!


She worked fiercely to claim this title, even if it meant , getting up early and going to the chess center at break of dawn, only to return at the end of the day! Practicing puzzles in the night and going to bed late. Trisha's victory has been long due and well-deserved.

Aggressive, Aditya Patil of Ambani School extended his winning streak to 11 games to win the coveted silver medal demolishing every foe in his path.

Our princess Ahana Shah of Ambani School looks unstoppable as she wins back to back medals, with this Silver at State School's, hers is a hat-trick of medals within a short span of 20 days.

SMCA is not just making Mumbai the hub for best chess training center but also on the verge of making Maharashtra the no.1 state in India in producing chess champions with world class training there by replacing the traditional southern states at the top.

2017 would be a remarkable year for SMCA and India, so stay tuned ...

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