Sara Gupta wins the Gold as Adeesh and Advait move to the fore

December 1, 2015

7 year old Sara Gupta of Aditya Birla school set a new record by claiming the Gold medal in the U-8 girls category in the 32nd National Singapore Chess Championships 2015 that concluded today in Singapore.

She is the youngest player to claim this title for herself with an incredible score and made her compeers and experts take note of her talent and excellence.

She was joined in her brilliance and contribution to pride by Adeesh Patni who stood 4th position in the U-8 category amongst more than 80 players, in one of the toughest challenges in the Asian Chess scenario, he is a natural player and has a die hard passion for the game and a never say never attitude.

Advait Bagri stood 6th in the U-10 category with a stunning performance.He is swift in calculating the variations and is highly committed to the game.

Here are the final scores of the achievers.

U-8 Girls:

Sara Gupta 7.5/ 8 Gold

U-8 Boys:

Adeesh Patni 6.5/8; 4th place.

Under-10 Boys.

Advait Bagri 6/8; 6th place

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