Online Chess Coaching

SMCA offers Customized chess training for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level students. Our coaching is not limited just to online coaching, we also guide students to bring their game to the various tournaments happening nationally and internationally.

What we offer

  • Quality coaching through certified coaches

  • Specialized syllabus for different levels

  • Challenging game sessions to improve competitively

  • Exposure to Indian and national chess tournaments

Learn Chess from the comfort of your home!




Perfect for students who want to learn to play the game. Learn pieces, moves and checkmates.


For students who want to move beyond the basics.You will learn positional techniques, special moves, FIDE rules etc

Intermediate I

Intermediate II or advanced intermediate is the course for students who have covered the basics and are looking forward  to participate in tournaments. 

Intermediate II

Master level course is designed keeping in mind rated player who seek to improve their ratings and train for the big tournaments.


Advanced level course is for those who are playing in tournaments and seek to improve their game 


SMCA online coaching is fortified with our Unique Curriculum for students of all levels. We offer systematic coaching based on your game level and requirements.


Advait Bagri

Bronze medalist, World schools Chess Championships

Its the best academy to train for chess when you have serious chess goals. Even during the small tournaments I had their support night or day.

Kush Bhagat

Triple gold medalist, Western Asian Chess Championships

I was trained by Balaji sir. He helped me to get through all my problems and helped me develop my middle game technique where I was facing most issues.

Samuel Chan

Father of Kadin Chan

 I was at first skeptical of online training but after seeing my sons (Kadin) steady progress I have changed my mind. The trainers are not only rated chess players but most of them have several years of academic experience as well. Very happy with my choice!