Overview of Courses

Coaching at the SMCA centres

Planting the seed to become future chess champions through our training programs. At SMCA, we believe in offering an opportunity to every child to excel in their own way. Our training programs are designed not only to teach them the tactics of chess, but also the importance of practice and hard work. Based on their skill-sets and their current exposure to the game of chess, we have tailor-made training programs to achieve the best for every child.


Our classes have a weekday and a weekend option, you can chose the one that works best for you 30 - 35 mins - Lecture time 
30 - 35 mins - Play time / Class worksheets

Personal Training

Individual one to one instructions are essential to reach one’s full potential in chess. Individual guidance and best from a FIDE certified and licensed chess trainer, benefits students by accelerating their development and building confidence. Coaches are the driving force behind the development and success of their athletes. No athlete, no matter how talented, can achieve success without the guidance and support of their coaches.

SMCA Chess Trainers have numerous years of national and international playing experiences and many years of teaching...

Online training

Our Online chess lessons are designed by Professional Coaches. Online Chess Coaching means a planned training program, study material and analysis of games. Students from around 100 countries are benefitting from our online chess lessons and they win in different levels of tournaments in their countries.


By sharing a chess board online and with a voice/video chat during training sessions, the coach shows examples from games played by masters based on different themes. A student gets enough time to think and try his/her ideas with the coach. Lessons are carefully planned for different areas of the game like opening repertoire, calculation, evaluation of the position, planning and endings.

High Performance Coaching Program (HPCP)

15th January 2018 - 31st December, 2018

High performance chess program (HPCP)  brings the same-high quality chess training to you. You’ll train like a Grandmaster in a professional way, so you will reach your peak potential! The unique lessons and methods of the HPCP make the difference.