Personal Coaching

Individual one to one instructions are essential to reach one’s full potential in chess. Individual guidance and best from a FIDE certified and licensed chess trainer, benefits students by accelerating their development and building confidence. Coaches are the driving force behind the development and success of their athletes. No athlete, no matter how talented, can achieve success without the guidance and support of their coaches.

SMCA Chess Trainers have numerous years of national and international playing experiences and many years of teaching experiences with a proven record in achieving results with all levels of players.

  • Private chess tutoring gives students the personal attention that they cannot receive in such magnitude in a group class. Private chess lessons can further improve student’s self esteem and love for the game and sport of chess. Students enjoy the personal attention. Constantly challenging chess lessons plans encourage students to ask lots of questions.

  • Chess students range in age, rating and most importantly – level of game understanding. Individual coaching with an SMCA  Chess Trainer will bring the student to the next chess level faster.

  • You to the next level to continue to achieve maximum benefits for your efforts. By changing your exercise workout, your Personal Chess Training Programme remains fresh, new, challenging, and keeps your interest.