South Mumbai Chess Academy

The World's Leading Chess Academy...

SMCA encourages people especially students who have a knack for chess to take up this game at a top level which could be achieved through a Qualified Team of professionals and offering training programs to enhance your skills and fulfilling your thirst in wanting to exhale in this game in future.


SMCA wants to bring about positive changes through the awareness of Media, so that this message reaches to every corner of the country thus creating passion and an optimistic thinking about this game. It takes a high degree of intellect to be able to comprehend the game as well as being able to play it well with focus and intensity.


Quality Coaching at SMCA is done by professional mentors who provide competent coaching techniques, using of point system, positive environment which are essential requisites to create genius in chess, before sending them for tournaments. SMCA not only involves in Quality coaching, but bears down on motivating the kids through interesting coaching manual, thus helping in conscious awareness of this game. Confidence and happiness comes in as a reward for children for each Trophy they gain at SMCA. We make kids enjoy before embarking on a chess adventure through the best of our training.


SMCA, South Mumbai Chess Academy Pvt. Ltd. is a 21 year old Chess Academy started in 1996. Its cofounders are Mr. Balaji Guttula & Mr. Durga Nagesh Guttula.

Balaji Guttula

Chief Coach and MD

Durga Nagesh Guttula

CEO and Director